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It’s the end of IMC, so thank you, readers!

Readers of, you’ve been wonderful. I know in the last few days I’ve posted like a crazy person, just about 2 new blogs a day ranging from social networking to new devices to bee colonies falling apart because of cell phone radiation…it’s been a crazy few days!


Please continue to comment on previous posts you may have missed, or send me links to anything you think I might be interested in. This has been a great learning experience for me because it’s made me go out and seek information on all of these new IMC and technology related things that everyone’s buzzing about that I may have previously ignored. I’ve learned so much about so much and don’t want to stop now


While posts may slow, since they’re no longer a class requirement, I’d still like to write about new and improving technologies! As I said, please feel free to forward me any information on anything you think I’d enjoy reading or writing about


We’re in a crazy time right now. Technology is advancing so quickly while the economy is in shambles and companies are attempting to save money by developing digital materials rather than polluting the world with physical ones. Things are obviously changing and I’m glad I’m a part of it. I know one of these days I’ll be able to say “I remember the time before there was Facebook” or “I remember when cell phones couldn’t even receive photos!” to my kids…they’ll think I’m a million years old, but isn’t that how life works?


I can’t even imagine how technology will advance in my lifetime. I watch movies like Minority Report, I, Robot, or Children of Men (mmm, Clive Owen…) and think that the futuristic and imaginative technologies available in these films are hundreds of years away…but obviously not. Things are speeding up, things are changing, things are getting crazy! I mean, if we are within 10 years of putting TVs in our contact lenses and are on the verge of…I don’t even know how to describe it phones (the Nokia Open concept phone, below), I think we’re really in for something good.


Thanks again, readers, for all the comments, the support, the suggestions, etc. and keep on keepin’ on!


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